Benefits Of Shisha Compared To Other Smoking Methods

Have you ever smoked in a hookah? That is what shisha is there for. Originating from Egypt, shisha has become a very famous and a favourite type of smoking for people around the globe. The most attractive feature about it is that you will be able to smoke shisha from a range of flavours ranging from mint to strawberry and many more that you never imagined. The tobacco is smoked through a sort of tube that is connected to a bowl. This is mostly famous among the younger generation. Below are some of the benefits of shisha and why it distinguishes itself and stands out among other types of tobacco.

You won’t find any toxins or nicotine

It has been proven that shisha contains absolutely no carbon or tar that could be harmful to your body. In the contrary, its smoke or vapour is considered to be very pure. Unlike cigarettes or other types of smoking, this does not burn anything. Also, nicotine, which has the ability to create addiction within any of those that smoke something which contains it is not included in shisha liquid at all. Therefore, you need not worry about. Simply enjoy the flavour.

It is not second hand

When you buy disposable e cigarettes onlineor from a store near you, this creates smoke when you use it. It has become quite a threat to others due to the exposure of passive smoking. However, shisha does not affect anyone with that trouble. The reason for this is that the smoke that comes out dissipates in seconds, leaving no second hand vapour for the external parties to breathe in. Therefore, you need not worry about others being affected by what you smoke.

Costs less

Unlike when you buy disposable vaporizers online, smoking shisha is much cheaper and cost effective. The flavours add much colour to your experience as well. Therefore, you will be able to have a great time with shisha rather than with a regular cigarette which always gives you the same feeling. Yet this is able to give you a new experience every time you try a new flavour. If you are a regular smoker, you would know that this lasts for 600 puffs. Do the math and make the right decision.

No odour

You do not have to worry about that bad smell you hated when you smoked that cigarette. Since this does not contain any toxin or nicotine, the smell emitted from it does not linger on any item; clothes, hair or anything around you.

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